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Aqua Trol Troubleshooting Manual; Aqua Logic Troubleshooting Manual; Aqua Logic Wiring Guide for Rectifiers and GLX-PCB-MAIN Board; Testing an Aqua Logic Relay Guide; User Operator Manuals. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH AQUA-TROL® SYSTEMS or AQUARITE PRO® SYSTEMS. Pool store shows salt love is 2900. recommends that all electrical connections be made by a trained and licensed professional.

OPT-PCB-RITE Installation Manual Replacement circuit board for Hayward®/Goldline® AquaRite® salt systems Optimum Pool Technologies, Inc. Manuals & Care. Page 1 Aqua Rite ® Electronic Chlorine Generator Operation and Installation Manual www. Visually inspect main PCB board for any damaged or burnt components. How To Convert your Pool to a Salt Water System in 5 Easy. I called the local pool supply shop and found out the cost for a new display board would be 0 but the item was not in stock. I am quite new into pool ownership and don&39;t know much about the SW updates.

Remove the two screws using a 5/16” socket. Main board PCB is the only cause, replace with GLX-PCB-PRO. This is the main printed circuit board for Aquatrol salt systems only. Slide the Main Switch to the ‘Auto’ position. My Readouts are: > 3300 > 75 degrees > 26.

Swimming Pool Supply Store. This blog that will not available for sale online at 4200ppm. My board is from.

item 4 Hayward Main PCB Circuit Board For AquaRite Goldline Swimming Pool GLX-PCB-RITE 4 pcb - Hayward Main PCB Circuit Board For AquaRite Goldline Swimming Pool GLX-PCB-RITE 9. manuals, and parts, with your original receipt, for a refund or exchange (subject to. Refer to the following information and steps below to set the Turbo cell type. Input Power For stand alone operation: Wire the Aqua Rite to the LOAD SIDE of the filter pump timer. The original part number is GLX-PCB-RITE; this aftermarket replacement is made to meet or exceed original factory specs. If the incorrect cell is chosen the salt level, amperage, and voltage will not be correct and the system will turn the chlorinator off. Before operation, the Aqua Rite must be configured for the chlorinator cell that will be used. Works with the Aquarite 15k, 25k and 40k gallon models.

Connect the harness in a manner that allows you to wire the GLX-PCB-PRO as shown in the diagrams on the following page. MANUALS & HOW TO GUIDES Manuals Quick Reference Guides Parts Diagrams Trouble Shooting Guides. (GLX-CELLSTAND) Step 1: Use a water hose to dislodge small debris. Goldline Main Printed Circuit Board (GLX-PCB-RITE) This is the main printed circuit board for the Goldline Controls Aquarite salt chlorine system. Page 16 The Goldline, Pentair and Polaris controls use a 4 wire connection to communicate to the Aqua Rite and can be wired up to 500&39; apart. Made by Optimum to Replace: Hayward® GLX-PCB-RITE® Main PCB Replaces circuit board in any AquaRite® system, including board Rev s G1-066012C-1, GREVB, G1-011056B-1, G1-066604K-1, 132603G, 132604, 066012C-1 Rev c & G1066604K1, as well as many other similar Rev numbers. There are two screws that hold the Main PC Board in place. Slide the Main Switch to the “Auto” position.

Access Free Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator Manual Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator Manual Garrison&39;s NCLEX Tutoring - YouTube AZ Pool Supplies, Inc. 8 out of 5 Customer Rating. Consult local building codes for detailed information concerning specific requirements in your area. Support Center Quick Reference Guides Library. Our SWP15 is about 2 years old, Sw Ver r. "t-3" = T-CELL-3, GLX-CELL-3-W "t-5" = GLX-CELL-5, GLX-CELL-5-W "t-9 = T-CELL-9, GLX-CELL-9-W "t-15" = T-CELL-15, GLX-CELL-15-W 1. We strongly recommend using a Goldline Controls cell cleaning stand. Hayward websites have been developed in compliance with standards for Internet Explorer 10 or later.

New GLX-PCB-RITE circuit board and new T-15 cell. > Ran the system overnight on Superchlorinate. 99 View Item Hayward - Fuse Kit 20A 10 Pack Aqua Rite. 59 > t-15 > > Ran the system overnight at 80%. Hayward Goldline GLX-PCB-TROL-RJ at wholesale prices. Weight 25 pounds. Description Salt Solutions also offers a advance replace repair. * Replacement board for AquaRite® is compatible with the following Hayward®/Goldline® Salt Systems:.

Hayward GLX-PCB-RITE Aqua Rite PCB Main Printed Circuit Board for T-Cells. How To Troubleshoot a Hayward. AquaRite Electronic Chlorine Generator ® AQR15 AQR9 AQR3 AQR15-120 AQR15-LL Hayward Pool Products 620 Division Street, Elizabeth NJ 07207 www. This PCB (printed circuit board) replaces older power boards for Hayward / Goldline AquaRite and SwimPure Plus models. Hence, my quote above! GLX-PCB-RITE BOARD quantity. com: Hayward GLX-PCB-RITE Replacement Main PCB.

They do list any alternative with exception to the Main PCB which is item GLX-PCB-RITE. Step 3: Use a solution of water and Muriatic duct ratings - Hayward Goldline OEM GLX-PCB-RITE PCB Circuit Board Repl Aqua Rite T-CELL-15 9 glx pcb rite manual 3. Where To Download Goldline Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator Manual Product description Size: 1 Pack This main PCB is designed to use with Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite salt chlorine generator model AQR. This is the board that typically goes bad if your unit is struck by lightning. Any outdoor rated 4.

com : Hayward GLX-PCB-RITE Replacement Main PCB. If damaged or burned, replace the main PCB. Hayward GLX-PCB-RITE Replacement Main PCB Printed Circuit Board for Hayward Goldline AquaRite Salt Chlorination Systems 4. These are factory original replacement parts from Hayward. Jumpers on terminal TBI are configured for 240 VAC (factory default), but there is 120 VAC applied to control box. Re: Hayward GLX-PCB-RITE Low Voltage Power Supply Schematic Diagram Post by Teapot » Sun 18 Aug, 15:00 Interesting thank you, actually some infor I was looking for dc voltage to salt cell.

Manuals & Care. You can always check with Hayward Tech. 6 out of 5 stars 909 4. Aqua Rite Operation and Installation Manual; Aqua Trol Operation and Installation Manual; Pro Logic Operation Manual for GLX-PCB-MAIN and GLX-PCB-PRO.

Chlorine in > pool remained zero. Slide the Main Switch to the "Auto. I contacted Goldline Controls and the technician walked me through the diagnostic and determined the problem was the display board and gave me the the exact replacement model (GLX-PCB-DSP). The Hayward GLX-PCB-DSP Display PCB is a circuit board for AquaRite and AquaTrol Salt Chlorinator Systems designed to retrofit existing chlorinators. Is this correct PCB for my Aqua Rite-20? SKU:Category: Products we repair. It is wired to 120/240VAC and installs directly inside the AquaRite or AquaTrol power center. AquaRite 900 line of Hayward, Hayward AQR Goldline Aqua Rite Swimpure Electronic Chlorine Generators also have.

‘Cell glx pcb rite manual Power Error’ means the current chlorinator cycle has been interrupted and cell voltage was detected when cell power relay was turned off. Model: OPT-PCB-RITE (Replaces GLX-PCB-RITE) COMPATIBILITY 100% GUARANTEED! Step 2: Use a non-metal (plastic or wood), non-abrasive tool to dislodge minor calcium buildup and small debris Step 3: Use a solution of water and Muriatic acid. Step 2: Use a non-metal (plastic or wood), non-abrasive tool to dislodge minor calcium buildup and small debris. The PCB board tells the cell to generate at a specific chlorine percentage, as long as it meets a specific set of parameters (salt level, water temp, water flow, ex). Jim asked on; Poolweb Technical Support answered onThis is the PCB Display that Hayward has for all AquaRite sanitization systems. This circuit board is easily installed into your existing control unit. Hayward Aqua Rite GLX-PCB-RITE glx Main PCB Printed Circuit Board for the Hayward T-Cell Control Box.

Slide the old Main PC Board out of the control box. All chemicals are balanced within range. I think the latest GLX-PCB-RITE Sw ver is r1. It is very important that the Aqua Rite is powered only when the pump is running. “t-15” is the factory default.

No more mixing, measuring and messing around with liquid or tablet chlorine. Pcb-Main, AquaRite Item GLX-PCB-RITE. Manufacturer SKU: GLX-PCB-AR-PRO 5 out of 5 Customer Rating MAIN PCB AQUA RITE PRO REPLACEMENT More Details. AquaRite GLX-PCB-RITE Main PCB Printed Circuit Board for Hayward Control Box. Place the new PureLine Main PC Board (GLX­PCB­RITE) into the control box.

Hayward AQR9 Aqua Rite system in soft, the Auto position. 29 amps > 80% > -3300 > AL-1 > r 1. Aqua Rite Digital Display Board for Aqua Rite models manufactured before - New OEM Display PCB, Aqua Rite GLX-PCB-DSP. Stand the cell vertically in the solution. My knowledge is limited to GLX-PCB-RITE only because that is what I have as a Guinea pig and I have yet to explore the electronic side of the cell if any.

Rev F and earlier Aqua Logic mainboards: Because of the difference in wiring of these earlier boards, the supplied wiring harness must be used. Later had the OEM Main Printed Circuit Board GLX-PCB-RITE Aqua Rite Pro Installation And Operation Manual. Wire the GLX-PCB-PRO as shown in the diagrams on the following glx pcb rite manual page. ; Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using this electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: READ AND FOLLOW ALL • INSTRUCTIONS • Use Copper Conductors Only • Disconnect all AC power glx pcb rite manual during installation. Product Description. (Angled white tabs at the bottom of the board).

HAYWARD LED&39;s/LCD display Control box shows LCD display but no LED&39;s are illuminated.

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